Adding Strength and Security to Homes in the Montreal Area

The door to your house serves many purposes: as a decorative element, it gives the first impression of who lives there, but it also gives you protection against forced entry. That's why it's important to choose a functional and safe model that will also reflect your taste and style.

With our convenient shop-at-home service, you don't need to visit multiple stores to make a decision: we come to you!

In addition to door replacement, we also offer other exterior renovation services, such as siding, soffit and fascia installation.


Entrance Doors

To protect you from unwanted guests as well as the harsh Canadian climate, we offer durable steel and fibreglass doors great for residential use. Choose one from our wide selection of models, all made in Canada and designed to withstand the extreme cold and humidity.

Garage Doors

Keep your garage dry and warm, and make leaving and getting back home a hassle-free experience by installing durable, automated garage doors. At Aluminium Cosmopolitain inc., we sell, install and service quality Garaga® products, perfect for residential purposes.

Patio Doors: Aluminum, PVC and Hybrid

Double-glass patio doors give you easy access to your deck or back yard without creating cold spots in your house. Our sliding doors are reinforced for added stability and closely adjusted, so it's nearly impossible to remove the panels from the outside.

Affordable, light yet solid, PVC, aluminum and hybrid models keep the warmth in and the humidity out, improving the energy efficiency of your home. They are also extra easy to maintain and clean.

Steel Doors

For commercial purposes, steel doors offer low maintenance, added security and comparatively low costs. The good insulating value of steel makes these models energy efficient, and they are a great choice if you want to create a secure, quiet and fireproof environment.

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